Settle For Less No More

The Book For Women Who Want To Do Better For Themselves!

Are you a woman who:

Has settled for less for far too long?

  • Is downplaying her abilities and allowing her skills to go to waste?

  • Is sacrificing her ambitions, long held dreams and personal goals for others?

  • Has allowed her circumstances to become barriers to success

  • Is tired of letting people and circumstances hold her back?

  • Wants to achieve a long-held dream or goal?

  • Questions the meaning and purpose of her life

  • Is stuck and wants to know how to get moving forward?

  • Needs motivation?

  • Is now willing to do what it takes to achieve her goals ?

This empowering book is for you and will help you!

The book has been written with one important objective:

To help women of all ages and backgrounds, get motivated, do better for themselves and achieve success!

It will help you recognize that you already have what you need to succeed, challenge you to free yourself from self limiting beliefs, and inspire you to get up and do what you need to do to achieve your dreams—simply, because you can!

You are an unstoppable woman who doesn't settle for less!

What people are saying about the book!

Each of us has vast untapped potential inside of us that we often ignore because we get caught up in living for the moment. Caroline Jalango teaches us how to live for the future, a life that is purposeful and fulfilling. An excellent book for every mother’s daughter to nurture our mind, body and spirit.

Dr. Sarah McCue, Founder, Women With a 2020 Vision

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Paperback edition, 256 pages, Away Out Publishing, March 2007

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ISBN 978-0-9765955-0-2

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