6 Ways to Cope When You Are Overqualified For Your Job

Are you overqualified for your job?

No matter the reason why you are overqualified for your job right now...
When you are professionally overqualified there are many stressful issues to deal with.

When you are in this situation, you have a constant internal struggle and debate going on in your mind about your presence at that "specific" job. Questions for which you may not have immediate answers like, “What am I doing here and what am I doing with my life?" become a part of your daily thoughts. As you are grapple with these issues, you may even begin to question your worth, who you "really" are and the things you stand for in this life. 


You’ve Lost Your Job - How Do You Cope?

“I can’t believe I lost my Job!”

If this statement isn't one of your worst nightmares, you don’t know what is…
How prepared are you for an unexpected turn of events? What would happen if the foundation upon which your income was based suddenly crumbled?—how would you cope?

In these tough economic times, the unemployment rate is high and job scarcity is a common problem. You therefore can't underestimate the importance of having a job to guarantee some form of financial security. Having a steady job is as relieving as drinking a cold glass of water on a hot summer day. Knowing all this, most people can’t afford to lose their jobs, especially since the key word for most people is bills, bills and more bills! The only way to settle the “bills” issue is to try to stay hired.

Most people assume and rightly so, that they can't get laid off or get fired. They are aware that these things happen to other people but pray that it doesn't happen to them. But, what if you are not prepared for it and it happens to you?


Your Boss is Hostile - What Do You Do?

Is your boss hostile?

Are you working at a job where the boss has no interpersonal skills; micro-manages you and treats you like a child?

Do you work for a fault finding boss who yells, screams and talks to you in an arrogant and demeaning manner, even in the presence of your co-workers?

Are you are tired of walking on eggshells at work because any small thing you do could set off an “explosion”?

If you work for a hostile boss and nothing has been done to resolve the situation, you probably have been paying the price physically and emotionally. By now  the effect of hostility at work has probably spilled over into your home environment and perosnal life. You are probably having many sleepless nights, suffering from some kind of depression, experiencing  blood pressure problems, migraines, weight loss or weight gain and losing friends who think you whine too much because all you talk about is your job and your boss. Your self esteem is probably eroded and you are feeling so frustrated.


Are You An Ex-Career Woman Living In a New Foreign Country?

  • Were you once a successful, professional woman who had significant status and received adequate remuneration for your work? 

  • Have you re-located or immigrated to a new foreign country, where the educational degree you worked so hard to achieve is neither recognized nor considered valid? 
  • As a result, have you now settled for a job for which you are overqualified and living paycheck to paycheck?

If you once had a successful professional career and answered yes to the above, you probably understand how frustrating it is to be unable to practice your profession in a new country.


8 Ways to Cope in a Hostile Work Place!

  • Do you get stressed out at the thought of going to work every morning?

  • Does the thought of spending eight or more hours at work each day get you all wound up and sweaty?

  • Do you constantly find yourself wishing that Monday mornings were Friday evenings?

  • Does the mere thought of interacting with your boss or co-workers leave you feeling emotionally drained?

If these feelings have nothing to do with your ineffectiveness at work, then you are probably in a hostile work place.