You Can Be Different and Unstoppable!

What are the odds against you?

What kind of labels are you associated with that make you feel different?

What is standing in your way of success? Is it your race, your level of education, memories of your childhood, your spouse, your lack of confidence, your disability or your insecurities to name but a few?

Do you know that it is possible for you to be who you are, live in any continent of the world, face major adversities, be physically handicapped and yet be unstoppable in your pursuit for success and achievement?

Regardless of who you are and where you are from, you can rise above the odds that are against you. All you need to have is a different spirit and the perception of a winner and an achiever.

We have heard of amazing rags to riches stories and inspiring accounts of people who have overcome all odds to achieve their goals. These incidents have proven to the world that there is no limit to what we can do except for the limitations we set for ourselves.

Success has nothing to do with luck, race or country of origin. It can be achieved by taking deliberate actions and striving toward your set goal.

Most athletes and music artists will attest to the fact that sheer hard work and determination play a key role in transforming ordinary people lives into huge successes.

You alone have the responsibility of taking action to free yourself of all the chains of limitations, which bind you. You have the ability to change your circumstance and dictate how you want to live your life. Don’t sit back and watch yourself falling apart.

In order for you to rise against the odds, you must have:

  • A clear vision of what you want to achieve
  • Great determination
  • An intense desire to succeed
  • A capacity for hard work
  • Great commitment to your cause
  • Resilience
  • A willingness and ability to take risks
  • A positive attitude
  • Self Confidence
  • No room for self pity 

Dare to step out from your perceived circle of limitation and reach out for your dream.

Be different and unstoppable.


Caroline Jalango is a life strategist and motivational coach for women who want to do better for themselves. She is the author of "Settle for Less No More” and "You Deserve to Feel Good" motivational books for women who want to succeed. For more topics like this, visit to gain the momentum to do better for yourself and get the results you want! Go to to download and receive a free ebook to help you do better for yourself.