5 Signs That Prove You Are Preparing to Fail

1. Information gathering with no action

Granted, information gathering about the things you want to do is wonderful and highly recommended for success. However, when all you are interested in is gathering information, reading, researching, attending seminars, and listening to what everyone else is saying and not applying all that learning and knowledge to make your life happen… you are preparing to fail.

2. Talking big and not walking the talk

When all you are doing is talking about the ideas you have and not implementing them in a real and tangible way, you need to ask yourself, “What is going on with me?” If all your friends know about all your big plans but have never seen any supporting evidence; you need to remove those great mental ideas and visions for your life from the realm of thought into that of reality by taking action today.

3. Less than 100% commitment

When you are not fully committed to something, you hesitate, procrastinate and are reluctant to move boldly toward the things you want. You become indecisive about the actions to take and all you really have are mere wishes, promises, hopes and a fleeting interest with no solid action. Back up your commitment by taking action today.

4. Victim mentality and self pity

If you are not careful, the “poor me, why me” attitude will hold you back. Allowing obstacles, your insecurities and a “victim mentality” to rob you of the pleasure of achieving your goals is akin to choosing to put your dreams and goals in the back burner. Take responsibility and control of your destiny. You may not have had control of your past but you are now in command of your future!

5. Not asking for help!

When you want to get things done and are stuck because you don’t know what to do next…ask for help. Get support from a coach, expert or a friend who knows what they are doing and can help you come up with a plan to achieve success. Find someone who is committed to your overall well being and progress to hold you accountable for making sure you achieve what you want.

By your action or lack of action…you are making plans for something! You really do have a choice and you don’t have to be where you are this time next year.

Let the evidence of what you want, speak for itself!



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