How to Deal With Boredom and Lack of Motivation!

Hello Unstoppable Woman,

How do you keep boredom at bay?

I recently had conversations with some women who shared a common problem—boredom.

Its not that they didn't like what they were doing or weren't busy enough —they were. Their issue was that even as they were busy accomplishing important tasks, they all felt that they were merely going through the motions in a robotic /unfeeling mode.
Their minds were tired, they felt restless, unchallenged, uncomfortable, “flat,” —almost like they had reached a plateau with nowhere else to go.

Their actions had no “juice” or flavor and seemed almost meaningless—they were just plain bored on Boredom Island !

Have you ever been there? Or even felt like you were bored out of your mind and didn't know what to do?”

What is boredom?

My favorite definition is from oxford university Press:

Boredom is a condition characterized by wandering attention, impaired physical and mental efficiency, and low levels of arousal. It is sometimes confused with physiological fatigue, but it’s usually the result of lack of stimulation, motivation, and interest. It is commonly caused by monotonous routines.

Does this definition resonate with you as it does with me?

So what keeps boredom at bay and provides meaning, worth and vitality to everyday life?

Here’s my solution:

  • Every unstoppable woman must have a have a SINGLE GOAL that’s worth ONE HOUR a day for the REST of her life!

  • This single goal should pleasure you, provide meaning, energize and be something you are ready and willing to do because you love and enjoy it.

  • It shouldn't be borrowed or imposed upon you by someone else and you shouldn't be pushed into fulfilling this goal.

  • This goal must be one that you can fulfill every day for one hour or more for the rest of your life because it’s worth it.

A single worthwhile goal can do wonders for you!

It can make up for a “blah”/boring day!

It makes you feel that you have accomplished something significant

It ensures that you do something you enjoy everyday.

Plus it makes you feel good about yourself…which is nice, very nice! 

Consider your life for a moment:

What single goal is worth one hour a day for the rest of your life?

Is it walking one hour a day? Writing one hour a day for the rest of your life? Engaging in a spiritual practice, one hour a day for the rest of your life? Is it mastering a specific topic? Talking to your kids, spending quality time with you mate one hour a day for the rest of your life? Volunteering one hour a day? What is it?

(For the purposes of this exercise…narrow down your choices until you have the one single goal that’s worth one hour a day for the rest of your life.)

Are you doing this one thing?

If you aren't doing it yet then you have not perceived its value and it maybe that it’s not worth it to you.

Search through your goals and find one...just one goal that excites you enough to invest an hour of your life each day forever.

This goal could be the one thing that keeps you holding on, moving forward, not giving up, making progress, looking forward to the next step —and of course keeping boredom at bay!

Keep me posted!




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