Make Time to Work on Your Worthwhile Goal!

Dear Unstoppable Woman,

Is your dream still unfulfilled?

The reason could be that you are too busy doing everything else but work on your goal!

When you make excuses about lacking the time to work on goals that are important to you—you are employing a procrastination tactic, which will kill your dream before it has a chance to see the light of day.

 You have to create space in your daily schedule to work on your worthwhile goals.

A place to start would be to dedicate at least one hour a day to work on a specific aspect of your goal.

If you find yourself dilly-dallying about our goal…ask yourself why? It could be that the goal is truly not the right one for you!

Ponder Points:

a) How much time did you spend last week on your worthwhile goal?

b) What was the most dominant activity that engaged your time in the last week and how is it relevant to your worthwhile goal?

c) How much time are you willing to dedicate toward the completion of your goal each day?

Commit to it.



Caroline Jalango is a life strategist and motivational coach for women who want to do better for themselves. She is the author of "Settle for Less No More” and "You Deserve to Feel Good" motivational books for women who want to succeed. For more topics like this, visit to gain the momentum to do better for yourself and get the results you want! Go to to receive a free ebook to help you do better for yourself.

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