7 Tips to Help You Pick Up the Pieces of Your Life

You know the feeling too well, you feel tired of everything, overwhelmed and helpless.

You may be going through such trying times in your life, career or relationships…you feel blinded.

You feel as though you are falling into a deep, dark slippery and bottomless pit with no grip or support. You thought you were walking on solid ground but now the ground is giving way and you are slipping and tumbling and frantically trying to catch your breath!

You have had enough of this roller coaster. You now want to get back on your feet and STAND strong. You are ready to pick up the pieces of your life and move on.

The question on your mind is how can I get back on my feet?


Are You Ignoring That Little Thought or Idea?

What happened to that brilliant idea that you once had?

Did you ignore it because you thought that it was just a "little" thought?

Have you ever considered what that little thought would have become if you had acted on your instincts or if you had paid more attention to it?

Imagine a scenario, where you are sitting at home watching television or reading a book… 

Suddenly in the dark tunnel of your mind, a light bulb is turned on as a thought or an idea crosses your mind. The thought catches your attention but seems  kind of meaningless and you are tempted to discard it; but wait a minute! That thought could be the potential beginning of the success you have so much yearned for.


10 Clear Signs You Are Not In Charge of Your Life!

You are not in charge of your life when:

1. You need other people’s permission and affirmation before you can take action.

“Wow! That’s a wonderful idea you have. Why don’t you go ahead and do something about it?” These are the kind of words you desperately need to hear before you can take any form of action. You are constantly seeking other people’s approval. You second guess yourself and need others to give positive feedback, give their stamp of approval and hopefully walk you through the next steps to take before you can act on anything. Trust and believe in yourself! Get going on the things that are important to you. What will happen to your dreams and goals if you fail to obtain the approval you so much need? Nothing!


How to Change Your Life for the Better!

Unstoppable woman,

  • Are you still hoping and waiting for someone somewhere to come to your rescue, wave a magic wand and instantaneously change your life for the better?

  • Are you praying that you will one day win the lottery and dramatically alter the financial quality of your life?

  • Are you sitting behind your desk, daydreaming and hoping to one day rise to the top level of management without much effort and hard work?

  • Are you hiding in the background, silently praying and hoping that you will find favor, get noticed and be thrust into the limelight of your destiny?

Why Feel Good About Your Life or Even Bother About it?

  • Have you been unsuccessful in creating the life you want, because you were afraid to take risks or leave your comfort zone?
  • Have you turned down an important opportunity because you were nervous and unprepared?

  • Are you paralyzed with fear at the thought of starting that business you have always dreamed of?

  • Are you still doing the same old things you hate so much because you are afraid to work hard at doing what it takes to succeed?

If you are wondering whether it is worth the hassle to go the extra mile to create the life you want;


7 Reasons to Stop Procrastinating Today!

Procrastination is a delay tactic that has the ability to choke your dreams and abort the plans and purposes you have for your life. It has to be nipped in the bud. It should not be given a chance to put your life and your dreams on hold.

The following are 7 benefits of not procrastinating:

Not procrastinating will afford you an opportunity to:

1. Find out what you can do.

If you want to find out what you can do and how far you can go…stop procrastinating!   
When you don’t procrastinate, you get a chance to be the best you can be. You discover what your abilities are, how far you can stretch and what you can do. Not procrastinating gives you a chance to amaze yourself and others!