Are You A People Pleaser? Approval Seeker?

Dear Unstoppable Woman,

  • Are you constantly seeking other people’s approval?
  • Do you second guess yourself and rely on others before taking any action on anything?
  • Is this the reason why your dreams remain untouched and unaccomplished.

Well, the good news is that you don't need anyone's permission to start doing better for yourself!


Forget Perfection and Embrace Completion!

Dear Unstoppable Woman,

Today is as good as any day to start doing better for yourself.
In fact, it’s the perfect day to begin working toward completing your goals. Yay!

Of course, you want your “stuff” to be perfect…we all do. But if “perfection” is the barrier to completion of goals…then it’s something that has to be tossed to the side…at least for now.

Let’s face it, conditions may never be as perfect as you desire. You may never have all the money, time, knowledge or resources you need to begin working on your goals.


Make Time to Work on Your Worthwhile Goal!

Dear Unstoppable Woman,

Is your dream still unfulfilled?

The reason could be that you are too busy doing everything else but work on your goal!

When you make excuses about lacking the time to work on goals that are important to you—you are employing a procrastination tactic, which will kill your dream before it has a chance to see the light of day.


Women, You Deserve to Feel Good 24-7!

Dear Unstoppable Woman,

One cannot consent to creep when one has an impulse to soar.
—Helen Keller

Imagine this scenario:

You wake up in the morning…
Geez! You feel weak!

Your heart sinks at the thought of facing the day. You are alive but feel like you don’t exist—you feel numb.

It’s almost as if you’re looking at someone else’s life through a lens. You seriously wish this wasn’t your life—but it is. You are merely gliding through it like a robot. You can already feel that it’s going to be “one of those” days! 


How To Overcome Mental Blocks and Move Toward What You Want.

Dear Unstoppable woman,

Are you a fish that needs a bigger tank?

There is a Japanese fish whose growth depends on the size of its fish tank. When the capacity of the tank is 250 gallons…it grows as big as the tank it’s in. When the capacity is increased to 500 gallons…it stretches to fill the tanks capacity.

If you are on a growth journey then you are like this type of fish.

The fact that you are seeking something bigger and better for your life is proof that you have outgrown your current “tank.”